Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Government Is A R E G I M E:Subterfuge

The President of the United States of America is the Chief Executive in charge of governing the American Democratic Republic. Some have used the term Oligarch in reference to "America's", Head of State.   

However, it should be noted, the President is practicing subterfuge.
Running the Country like a madman would. Keeping things in disarray and off-balance at all times. Meeting with Mitch McConnell, and redirecting the Press, who were assembled in the White House Press Room, at the last minute. 

All is well, in the optional dysfunction of current affairs as orchestrated by the forty-fifth president of the country!  As all of this is going on, another instance is playing out in the Courts.

And of all courts, in the Eastern District of Virginia, where the U.S. Attorney is Dana Boente.

Former Congressman William Jefferson's "attorneys argued that these were not "official acts" of a congressman. And after the Supreme Court, in a case involving former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, cast doubt on official corruption cases in 2016, Jefferson's attorneys pressed that argument again, winning over Ellis."

On today, Judge T. S. Ellis, III approved the extension of time for the Government to decide if it want to retry Former Congressman William J. Jefferson, on considerably fewer charges, perhaps for which; the time already incarcerated will suffice for "felony crimes he was tried on and convicted of."

William J. Jefferson, the former New Orleans Congressman  was freed from the Oakdale, Louisiana Federal Prison Camp October 5th 2017, all the while the government was in its now usual death spiraling morass.

The thing was so profound, that documents Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin filed  "has asked a federal judge to throw out his corruption conviction, citing a recent Supreme Court decision making it more difficult to convict public officials of bribery.

Nagin, 60, argues that his case is identical to corruption cases recently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and by a federal appeals court concerning former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
The Supreme Court ruling spurred the immediate release of former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson, who had been serving a 13-year sentence since 2012.
He faces a new sentencing hearing on Dec. 1 on three of the seven counts remaining against him. Before then, though, the government must decide by Monday (Oct. 16) if it wants to retry Jefferson on the seven counts that were tossed out. " 
[As of today October 16, 2017 the Court has given the government until December 4th to decide, if it will retry Jefferson]
"He was tried on 16 counts of corruption in 2009 and convicted of 11, but Ellis, whom President Ronald Reagan appointed to the court, overturned one of them earlier."
Ronald Reagan.
America is at war with herself, again. And we are losing miserably.  No one wins.

A new date for the government to decide if it will retry the former congressman has caused for thought on whether a retrial on the remaining counts is even feasible.
However, this changes and further defines the "Honest Services" charge applied to government officials. 
The President's Executive Office, at the least has and still is "functioning as a 'criminal enterprise'; with close family as aides, advisors and other prestigious positions in the White House.
Merely, with the Trump D.C. Hotel, the former Washington Post Office; profiting as he is the sitting President, with foreign government officials even residing there, when in the Capitol for presidential related business; is the definition of the Law, because of personal financial benefit  to the elected president. 
The receiving of financial gain, from a transaction as a result of the "political office" held by the beneficiary is the bottom line.  It has already been proven, that Jared Kushner's Sister, was in the Orient, setting the table to make money off of the presidential connections.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Putting Black Folk and Black Progress in Check

I have consistently followed the steady, drip of the process to disenfranchise Black Folk in 2017 Society. The latest debacle concerns Excellence Academy.  

As I passed down Forsythe Avenue yesterday. The marquee read about the Neville Alumni and Friends Association of which the School Board Superintendent is an adherent of. 

The bottom line goal of the "Northside Neville-ites" is to seize control of the present and return it to the "days of yore"!  There is the golf course, the seasoned community of generations taught the same ideals and the indoctrination of those coming from the outer limits of the area. 

In the effort to "back-down" and further demoralize the black community, the underbelly of the real Monroe is re-emerging. From local media, highlighting deathification in the community, but failing to recognize the effects of  "media-masturbation" on any subject in the negative of black-folks concerns. 

Under any circumstance, Excellence Academy was a "beacon of hope" for the black community. For whatever reasons, Brent Vidrine, the School Board and its unwillingness to fight for the continuance of a "positive venue" in the "Greater-Monroe, West Monroe, Ouachita tradition" has back tracked to lesser gods. 

This is a horrid defeat in the ears of A. G. Facen, P. Rayfield Brown, Morris Henry Carroll, Alex Burns, H. H. George, Jimmy Andrews, George Muse Jr., and John I. Reddix. 

And, so Negro Citizens of Ouachita Parish have been challenged in their desire for self-determination.  It is akin to the abridgements of the fifties.  A government jurisdiction, called the Monroe City School Board, led by a former principal of Neville High School; which in the recent past, 2013-14; sought charter school status and was denied, has in the midst of a federal desegregation court moderation; denied funding and did not do all the diligence to bring the Excellence Academy into "school system policy compliances", monetarily. Economicly?

A school, that the Governor recognized in a recent (2017) visit at the Mt. Zion Community Center in the heart of Monroe.  
The underbelly, the evilness of 1965 desegregation in Ouachita Parish. 

The all of it, is absolute, in the present necessitated appeal process headed to the 2nd Circuit of Louisiana.

*This Story Will be Updated