Saturday, May 18, 2013

International Implications:Malcolm and Mexico City

Malcolm Shabazz, his death in Mexico City and the international implications of the same are issues that must be addressed in a larger forum than just the United States government, obviously.   

A formal announcement by any agency of the government of the USA, has not come forth. The ancillary entities have not come forth with any demands in lieu of the government's inaction. It should be obvious why this has occurred.  There has already been a funeral service in Oakland, California.  That service was held at an Islamic/Muslim Center.  

It has been stated,  El Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz, will be interred in New York state, along side his grandparents. Born Malcolm Lateef Shabazz, Young Malcolm's death on foreign soil is "an affront; for all Blacks, Negroes, African-Americans, sharecroppers decendants and the progeny of formerly enslaved Africans worldwide.
Now. It is evident a problem exist in the current, retaliative society, globally. Specifically though, in America and the now "high profile", targeted killing of an American Citizen in Mexico City; a heightened alarm should be sounded.  

In the state of Florida, USA, Trayvon Martin; targeted by a "neighborhood watch" patroller, is killed.   It is without doubt, that Young Malcolm was targeted.  

Mr. Doudou Diene, a Sengalese lawyer and United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteur on racism toured eight American cities in 2008.  A cross-border special rapporteur must be dispatched in reference to the killing of  El Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz in Mexico City.  This incident began at the San Diego-Tijuana border.
It is such that, if any type of relief is to be obtained from this ongoing tragedy, it will be from international-economic pressure.
And since, the United Nations is in New York City, this is the place citizens of the world, America and the Americas should seek for appropriate pressure to be applied to both countries. Current ongoing immigration negotiations in the U.S. Congress and the restylised Benghazi uproar are both hindrances to any willing effort for a U.S. investigation, on its own. However, as life goes on a heartfelt initiative can re-ignite lost fervor which has been building for some time now. We must get a hold of ourselves. In 1961, sit-ins were staged at the U.N., guards were called and a melee ensued, sparking day long protests across Manhattan. A movement within a movement was spawned from that "days spark".

Enemy combatants are being declared of exiles from over 30 years ago. Courts are, ordering federal government sentenced tax-evaders to undergo counseling, as if to "change her mind" or "readjust her free artistic thinking". 
And now, after seeing this image. Our Sisters. His daughters. Vandalized. Robbed. Again.
Some are quickly demanding an outcry from the public at large. However, the Most High, the Almighty God knows mourning is done in solace. It has been recounted, that a memorial service will occur in New York City next week. An interment, and there still must be time. For the Shabazz Family.

My heart is heavy this night as the sun has gone down here. In the name, of all that is called Holy. Peace and Deliverance.