Monday, October 17, 2011


The folks attempting to Occupy Wall Street are Anarchist, and they are operatives of the Tea Party. The goal is to overthrow the United States Government, that is why the CIA is in NYPD!!! The "groups" who are against the black-man in the white house are hellbent on destroying him at any cost. In the tpartiest, republican, gop-ish mentality a black-man cannot and will not go down in history as the person who fixed THE WHITE MAN'S problem.

Remember, the collapse of 2008. RED LINE-ING.!! Remember the NAACP filed suit against all those MORTGAGE COMPANIES. And you WONDER WHY, the AtlantaOccupiers didn't receive John Lewis; they ain't study-ing about Dr. King. They just want the method. Oh yeah, they've educated themselves on the mechanisms of protest. But they don't give a tinkers about what King stood for. These are overthrowers. There are LEADERS alright, of the occupiers. They intend to spin this country out of control, and John Boehner and Jim Cornyn and Rick Perry will listen intently as the fiasco occurs.

You need to repent and back away from your rhetoric, you BROTHERS who is giving up Brother President the same way, Malcolm was talked in to a martyred destiny. America need to "Get Re-Jena'd" - This time [6] six-million blacks need to descend on the GOP Convention, and lock that city down. THAT'S RIGHT 6 ~SIX~MILLION Negroes, African Americans, Blacks, Molattoes and Creoles and every thing else we been. Forget about, descend on the Democratic Convention, they'll get the picture. It is the conservative, neo-con operatives, who have spinned this country into chaos. The culmination of this chaos and anarchy is what Charlie Manson's goal was.

Citing a presidential order authorizing the CIA to assist local law enforcement, Kelly said: “Operating under this legal basis, the CIA has advised the police department on key aspects of intelligence gathering and analysis that have greatly benefited our counterterrorism mission and protected lives in New York City.”

CIA Director David Petraeus has described him as an adviser, someone who could ensure that information was being shared.
Protects Lives!!!
From Whom?? - A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WITH A CAMP ON Niggerhead. The CIA has a file on all theses guys. They been knew Perry was gonna run. And they knew his, VP would be a little known Presidential candidate from Louisiana named Roemer. Now the Occupiers are gone global. Yet, in America, the tpartiers OAKTHKEEPERS are prepared for any "contingency", collateral damage and all.

There is no doubt, this is what the anarchist on Wall Street, wish to happen in America. Remember, King in Alabama wanted a dramatization of the absolute tyranny of Bull Conner. The Anarchist have studied the methods and are deploying for a violent confrontation in America.