Thursday, July 29, 2010

And So::Conversation--ON POINT

When operatives of the conservative/republican ideology, entered Mary Landrieu's office, attempting to cast a specific view of her office's work on a particular issue; the Eastern District of Louisiana's US Attorney's office allowed the operatives to plea to lesser-than charges. One of the operatives was the son of then acting-US Attorney for the Western District.

And so, when the master-operative, tweeked a video, deployed it on a blog; got busted and caused apologies ad infinitum-- has to my knowledge, as of yet not been held accountable. Andrew Breitbart, vehemently defended the actions of the NOLA trio. Today, as the President spoke to the Centennial convention of the National Urban League; the incident of late was mentioned. The Speech in Washington, DC was full of signals for all to grasp.

It is indeed a sad commentary in our society, that the various issues continue to evolve in to the race issue; which no one wants to address, fully.

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Is it because we do not want to exist without demeaning another, and so we leave the race issue intact, so we can always revert back to it?

Strange twist in race and Politics, as Suit to be filed in Breitbart Defamation and further Federal Internet intervention is on the horizon as a result of recent occurences. It should be further noted, when we stop to look at the "oil clean-up" in the Louisiana Gulf, residents are complaining of the "outsiders", who the NAACP Legal Defense Fund have cited a state collaboration with the petroleum giant, utilizing inmate labor. Prison Industrial Complex? Yes!

But, what we 'gon do about it? And Black on black crime? And violence precipitated by the police!
On the southside of Monroe, Louisiana, where Richwood Police Patrol & the sheriff department patrols. A 20 year old was arrested for burglary. 'The story goes, that this youngsters, name was posted on the S.O.'s website. The affidavit was said to have listed the youngster as telling on all of his accomplices. [of course the affidavit is no longer there] And so, all of this boys accomplices, and gangers have been randomly threatening the young'en and his extended family. This boy's jaw was broken --from the eye socket to the jaw bone-- he is scheduled to be at the doctor's office in a day or so. On this early A.M., an incident occurred at the boy's mothers home.'

They were sent back & forth from the S.O. to the Richwood PD. This is a case of you won't help us, we'll help our selves.

Finally, out of exasperation, they called some one, who knew some one! Hopefully, this doesn't escalate into a full scale gang war. Or, is this the intent, of the powers-at-be!!?
And So!!! This is really the first time, anyone has come with something to this magnitude in this, the 21st century. Maybe, since Jena. Or, possibly up to Oscar Grant and Baron Pikes. And So. The stage is set for the beginning of the millenium breakdown. Will the Millenials stand for this un-americanism. They believe the Constitution.

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