Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Retaliative Reactionary Society WORLDWIDE

President Barack Hussein Obama is being blamed for the execution of a Shia Cleric in Saudi Arabia, amid the insanity of a presidential campaign in which a megalomaniac is inciting global implosion on an altar of "pseudo-religious sacrifice" of "jihad john's" Islamic Faith.

America's fascination with a "megalomaniac" who doesn't really give a damn, about Islam; but does give a damn that Barack Hussein Obama was famously accused by the same Megalo, of being "unamerican or nonamerican" and himself [POTUS] a Muslim.

This is the same President, who was famously derided in his christian-belief under the tutelage of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and the Reverend's Liberation Theology. Which theology is a basic staple of "the true black church"! In affect, american "robbed the african president of america" of his religion.  

Historically, a twice done "damnable heresy" ! His african-father would have been born a Muslim, converted from christianity. This constant slight of his opponents with the Islamic adherence issue; is a "colonial-masters" racist attack, returned to the vestiges of the american slave market!  

A note of interest, United States of America, and its causcasian demigoguery: Black America will not forget, how your voices harangued incidiously against your own President.  And how your tea party, GOP, NeoCon republican movement has gotten us all the way to Oregon.  There is no turning around, now. Hell and chaos is on the american horizon. 

If Mr. Obama had  more-aggressively attempted to save the Iranian Cleric, the republicans would all has further said, the prexy was a true "muslim-lover". No different than the ostracisation of caucasians who were "termed" nigger-lovers. 

Finally, the "gun control" executive action is a necessity. 

However, it is my hope, that clear-focus, would be taken to In-Custody-Deaths. It is our position, that this is a human rights issue. The killing of Americans, in "incarceration-centers" or in-police-custody; is a violation of human decency.  

In Morehouse Parish Louisiana at the court-house, was the scene of a tragically killed inmate, while being transferred by a Fourth JDC, courthouse official police, the man committed suicide by-cop.

Inmate dies in Morehouse courthouse shooting  

Following a shooting at the Morehouse Parish Courthouse, one inmate is dead with no other injuries reported.
According to Sheriff Mike Tubbs, the MPSO responded to a shots fired call at the courthouse at approximately 2 p.m. on Tuesday. An inmate in the courthouse, whose name has been released as Keith Atkins, age 43, was confirmed dead via suicide following a scuffle outside of the courtroom. According to Tubbs, no personnel or civilians were injured when the incident occurred because of the location.
On February 16, 2015 Atkins was involved in a hostage situation involving his estranged wife. After Atkins was taken into custody — the hostage was freed after Atkins came in contact with the MPSO — he was booked on charges of second degree kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated assault on a police officer, possession of schedule II (meth) and possession of a firearm while in control of a controlled dangerous substance.
According to Tubbs, as MPSO personnel was involved in the incident, the LSP was called into investigate. Tubbs said LSP detectives were at the courthouse Tuesday afternoon and will be releasing additional information as it becomes available.
The courthouse was closed for the remainder of Tuesday but is expected to reopen Wednesday morning.