Monday, April 23, 2007

Changing Times?

The theory of the unitary executive is a radical vision of executive power in which the president is the big boss of the entire executive branch and has final say over everything that happens within it. At its core, the theory holds that Congress has very limited authority to divest the president of those powers. An expanded version of this theory was the legal predicate for the torture memo: "In light of the president's complete authority over the conduct of war, without a clear statement otherwise, criminal statutes are not read as infringing on the president's ultimate authority in these areas. … Congress may no more regulate the president's ability to detain and interrogate enemy combatants than it may regulate his ability to direct troop movements on the battlefield."

Is America changing or has the nation evolved into a battleground of control by partisans and branches of government? In either case, the people are caught in the middle of such a shoving match, the likes of which can not be compared to any thing in modern media history. The world can explore the facts or non-facts of checks and balances in American governance. The impending doom of an impeachment proceeding, would precipitate a stock market crash as confidence in an unstable American democracy would erode further and trigger a global devaluation of the dollar. All would suffer, especially the poor in such an event. hlr

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