Thursday, September 3, 2009

Durban-I | Aug 31-Sept 8 2001 | 9-11

In 2001 the World Conference Against Racism convened in Durban, South Africa.
The 2001 U.N. Declaration that “slavery and the slave trade are a crime against humanity and should always have been so, especially the trans-Atlantic slave trade.” As such, there is no statute of limitations regarding reparations.

Geneva Delegation for Reparations | Obama address to students causes stir | D.O.E. letter to Schools | The Pledge of Allegiance
Friday September 11, 2009 will be eight years!
Not much has really changed.

An Idaho Republican gubernatorial candidate basicly stated it was open season on President Obama! Should not we all remember the man's name is Barack Hussein Obama & the WHOLE WORLD IS LISTENING! The world's citizens were all hope-ing the election of President Obama, would signal a difference in the "beacon that is supposed to be America."

The "death spasms of racism" and its twin sister injustice are wringing their hands at an opportunity to implode in a Charles Mansoniacal tirade. One of the most obvious characteristics of insanity is self-destruction, self-mutilation & consumption of one's own waste. Have we not consumed enough dung yet. I don't believe there will be time for any more teachable moments. Our nation has turned another corner, and the rhetorical swagger has given way to an anarchist sway.

It would be a sad note to the "exporter of democracy" to in hindsight realize it really wasn't up to the change we need. And that life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness has come up against a wall. hlr