Saturday, September 20, 2014

Global Blockade::The Problem with Ferguson

The Problem with Ferguson :Whites will NEVER understand cause they really, really don't care; and "they don't really care about us"! Michael had it right, when he said that in a song!! If, the powers that be really cared, Trayvon's killer would be behind bars. I'll just stay right there, and not go to any of the five simultaneous cases occurring during "Ferguson"; not including the CHP beating of a sister on the highway. 
And if the world or any parts of the global society thinks for one minute that "this" at this point going to just fade into the sunset.
Everyone is wanting for this to just go away and be over with; the citizens of St. Louis, Ferguson, St. Louis County, the state of Missouri and most likely national leaders on every level.  However, this is the one that get's every one straightened on their extra-curricullar racial attitudes.  America, just better get itself prepared for what's to come. The local justice apparatus is not about to indict the police officer who killed Brother Michael.  
And when that doesn't happen, all hell will break loose. 

From the "Beer Summit" we collectively dropped. the ball.  This issue is a must to be addressed. And, Ferguson, Missouri "must be" the place where this issue is finally clarified and put in its place.  This "must be" is not as if there's a likelihood that its not going to happen. The thing will occur. There,"must be" rectification of the situation created over time, culminating in the death of Michael Brown; which evolved into an "insurrection" and which insurrection is still in process, in Missouri, in the center of the country. 

This Mason-Dixon Line Southern State, with its dixiecratic ways, needs 250,000 citizens to descend upon, St. Louis' Ferguson to get this point of "non-compliance to the racist mores and attitudes" engrained in the stateside processes.  Missouri's reticent ways date back to the Dred Scott processes of immorality of human "ownership". 
And here we now reside, in a 16th century mentality forced upon the mindsets of a 21st century people, who are determined to rebel against the debauchery of the malaise.  To live in such past is pure insanity.  That is why, it then becomes okay to fire stun grenades and tear gas on what is considered non-humans or three/fifths people.

While Russian Jets are turned around, by Canadian and U.S. Jets at the Alaskan demarcation; Citizens of this nation demise planning to strongly enmasse in Ferguson. As an individual vaults the White House fence, and is stopped by government agents, only as he enters the door. Even while the White House is evacuated.

Doom & Damnation awaits, if the Matter of one Michael Brown, Jr., is not handled properly.