Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nuisance Abatement Code Chapter-24 Article-1 Section24.5-28

This ordinance, allows for the "government" to enter owned property and owner/occupant may be forced into court for not allowing an officer of code enforcement to enter his/her property. 

After notice has been given, "Any inspection conducted pursuant to an order permitting right of entry"; is done still in violation of a person's right to privacy, and unreasonable searches.  

The fee schedule passed at Tuesday's city council meeting specifies the fines for high grass and weeds, inoperable vehicles, littering and derelict/unsecure structures. Each fine class was reduced by $50 before final passage. All fines not specified in the fee schedule will be set at $50 for a first violation, $200 for a second and $450 for subsequent violations.  News Star Article  

It is not, for certain if there is any fees reduction, for seniors; and certainly nothing is in place for the disabled, veterans or otherwise. 

Injunctive relief is necessary for further review.  

At the least an elected official, should request an Attorney General's Opinion on the validity of this ordinance.  However, it would appear, that every political office holder is in lock step, with this egregious attack against basic civil liberties of a specific group in this society. 

The Poor.