Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Government Is A R E G I M E:Subterfuge

The President of the United States of America is the Chief Executive in charge of governing the American Democratic Republic. Some have used the term Oligarch in reference to "America's", Head of State.   

However, it should be noted, the President is practicing subterfuge.
Running the Country like a madman would. Keeping things in disarray and off-balance at all times. Meeting with Mitch McConnell, and redirecting the Press, who were assembled in the White House Press Room, at the last minute. 

All is well, in the optional dysfunction of current affairs as orchestrated by the forty-fifth president of the country!  As all of this is going on, another instance is playing out in the Courts.

And of all courts, in the Eastern District of Virginia, where the U.S. Attorney is Dana Boente.

Former Congressman William Jefferson's "attorneys argued that these were not "official acts" of a congressman. And after the Supreme Court, in a case involving former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, cast doubt on official corruption cases in 2016, Jefferson's attorneys pressed that argument again, winning over Ellis."

On today, Judge T. S. Ellis, III approved the extension of time for the Government to decide if it want to retry Former Congressman William J. Jefferson, on considerably fewer charges, perhaps for which; the time already incarcerated will suffice for "felony crimes he was tried on and convicted of."

William J. Jefferson, the former New Orleans Congressman  was freed from the Oakdale, Louisiana Federal Prison Camp October 5th 2017, all the while the government was in its now usual death spiraling morass.

The thing was so profound, that documents Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin filed  "has asked a federal judge to throw out his corruption conviction, citing a recent Supreme Court decision making it more difficult to convict public officials of bribery.

Nagin, 60, argues that his case is identical to corruption cases recently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and by a federal appeals court concerning former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
The Supreme Court ruling spurred the immediate release of former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson, who had been serving a 13-year sentence since 2012.
He faces a new sentencing hearing on Dec. 1 on three of the seven counts remaining against him. Before then, though, the government must decide by Monday (Oct. 16) if it wants to retry Jefferson on the seven counts that were tossed out. " 
[As of today October 16, 2017 the Court has given the government until December 4th to decide, if it will retry Jefferson]
"He was tried on 16 counts of corruption in 2009 and convicted of 11, but Ellis, whom President Ronald Reagan appointed to the court, overturned one of them earlier."
Ronald Reagan.
America is at war with herself, again. And we are losing miserably.  No one wins.

A new date for the government to decide if it will retry the former congressman has caused for thought on whether a retrial on the remaining counts is even feasible.
However, this changes and further defines the "Honest Services" charge applied to government officials. 
The President's Executive Office, at the least has and still is "functioning as a 'criminal enterprise'; with close family as aides, advisors and other prestigious positions in the White House.
Merely, with the Trump D.C. Hotel, the former Washington Post Office; profiting as he is the sitting President, with foreign government officials even residing there, when in the Capitol for presidential related business; is the definition of the Law, because of personal financial benefit  to the elected president. 
The receiving of financial gain, from a transaction as a result of the "political office" held by the beneficiary is the bottom line.  It has already been proven, that Jared Kushner's Sister, was in the Orient, setting the table to make money off of the presidential connections.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Putting Black Folk and Black Progress in Check

I have consistently followed the steady, drip of the process to disenfranchise Black Folk in 2017 Society. The latest debacle concerns Excellence Academy.  

As I passed down Forsythe Avenue yesterday. The marquee read about the Neville Alumni and Friends Association of which the School Board Superintendent is an adherent of. 

The bottom line goal of the "Northside Neville-ites" is to seize control of the present and return it to the "days of yore"!  There is the golf course, the seasoned community of generations taught the same ideals and the indoctrination of those coming from the outer limits of the area. 

In the effort to "back-down" and further demoralize the black community, the underbelly of the real Monroe is re-emerging. From local media, highlighting deathification in the community, but failing to recognize the effects of  "media-masturbation" on any subject in the negative of black-folks concerns. 

Under any circumstance, Excellence Academy was a "beacon of hope" for the black community. For whatever reasons, Brent Vidrine, the School Board and its unwillingness to fight for the continuance of a "positive venue" in the "Greater-Monroe, West Monroe, Ouachita tradition" has back tracked to lesser gods. 

This is a horrid defeat in the ears of A. G. Facen, P. Rayfield Brown, Morris Henry Carroll, Alex Burns, H. H. George, Jimmy Andrews, George Muse Jr., and John I. Reddix. 

And, so Negro Citizens of Ouachita Parish have been challenged in their desire for self-determination.  It is akin to the abridgements of the fifties.  A government jurisdiction, called the Monroe City School Board, led by a former principal of Neville High School; which in the recent past, 2013-14; sought charter school status and was denied, has in the midst of a federal desegregation court moderation; denied funding and did not do all the diligence to bring the Excellence Academy into "school system policy compliances", monetarily. Economicly?

A school, that the Governor recognized in a recent (2017) visit at the Mt. Zion Community Center in the heart of Monroe.  
The underbelly, the evilness of 1965 desegregation in Ouachita Parish. 

The all of it, is absolute, in the present necessitated appeal process headed to the 2nd Circuit of Louisiana.

*This Story Will be Updated

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nuisance Abatement Code Chapter-24 Article-1 Section24.5-28

This ordinance, allows for the "government" to enter owned property and owner/occupant may be forced into court for not allowing an officer of code enforcement to enter his/her property. 

After notice has been given, "Any inspection conducted pursuant to an order permitting right of entry"; is done still in violation of a person's right to privacy, and unreasonable searches.  

The fee schedule passed at Tuesday's city council meeting specifies the fines for high grass and weeds, inoperable vehicles, littering and derelict/unsecure structures. Each fine class was reduced by $50 before final passage. All fines not specified in the fee schedule will be set at $50 for a first violation, $200 for a second and $450 for subsequent violations.  News Star Article  

It is not, for certain if there is any fees reduction, for seniors; and certainly nothing is in place for the disabled, veterans or otherwise. 

Injunctive relief is necessary for further review.  

At the least an elected official, should request an Attorney General's Opinion on the validity of this ordinance.  However, it would appear, that every political office holder is in lock step, with this egregious attack against basic civil liberties of a specific group in this society. 

The Poor.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Intersection of Consequence and Mishap:"Til Hell Freeze Over"

Just recently, a mishap led to dire consequences. 

Over Fifty (50) years of endeavor, nearly lost, affecting thousands.

I can only imagine, the depths of the agonizing disbelief of the efforts ancestors of our deliverance from captivity in Ouachita Parish, West Monroe, Louisiana and the twin city Monroe, must be reeling from in their resting places. 

 Things really began to melt, with the debacling circumstances of the South Monroe economic development apparatus devolving in to chaos; at the same time a Bail-bonding business was the scene of a double murder.

How, could it thusly be so rude of an awakening to the public, under the gaze of  "hard-fought desegregation" memorial pillar of the Wildcats Stadium. 

Economic Development, Murder and School Desegregation.
 The most recently debacle of the Ouachita Multipurpose Community Action Program and the thread like hanging on of its continuing through September 30th, of a hallmark "head start" program. 2016 is an unforgettable year. 

  OMCAP Head Start program to end 
A watershed, Landmark program.  Coupled with the recent up-stir at the Monroe City School Board; this latest incident should be proof, that we need to fight for "hard-fought" gains.  When, School Board Officer Brenda Shelling, stood & disrupted the Board meeting, calling a white-male board member out, as an instigator, subjugater and "inside facilitator" for the destruction of the predominantly black, City School System.

The good doing white-folks' negroes, said Shelling needed to stop being a disrupter.  From OMCAPS Head Start, to Neville High School's repair, the bastion for the "white seperatist, under the guise of  desiring to participate in the federal court's mandates the white board members thoroughly disguised themselves, as seekers of justice.  

And the gullible, "can we all just get along crowd"  crowed in this garden of  gethsemane, against the Truth. OMCAP's demise is the proof. 
I would imagine the members of the court-ordered bi-racial committee of the early 70's, by federal injunction; are saying, "i'll fight you till hell freeze over" as A.G. Facen said, back then.  But, this tired generational residue from back then, don't believe in " agitate, agitate"  no more. 
I can remember, my father's comments about the Rev. P. Rayfield Brown and the constant efforts in the formation of the "CAP" program. It dealt with Poverty and the affects of it; in education, health and housing. Folks had issues.  Integration and desegregation were the watch words. Everyone in position were required to maintain the cause in their position(s).

In a lot of ways the ball has been dropped.  And, when someone grabs the ball; those in position now, act like they don't know what is going on. 

The Federal Courts in 2016 still dealing with desegregation?

I recall not to many months ago, the superintendent, pushing "the Neville pull-out plan with BESE.
  But, we want to act as if we are not aware, that the same folk are trying to desolve the Monroe City School System.

 Shelling turned and shouted at board member Bill Willson, saying he was smirking.
"That's what you've done, you racist pig," she yelled at him, pointing to emphasize her words. 

 In a June 2015, "extemporaneous" ; community meeting concerning Neville High School repairs, "Board member Bill Wilson asked the crowd if they would like to see Neville become a charter school and no one raised their hand. When asked if they believe Neville should stay with the School Board, almost every person in the crowd raised their hands". North Monroe Skullduggery !! 

"When we are trying to recruit a company, or recruit people to the community what they will do is look at the surrounding cities and villages and go there. This is really detrimental to our ability to recruit people", President & CEO Monroe Chamber of Commerce Sue Nicholson said.
Board member Jennifer Hanline said after the meeting; that it isn't a time to pick sides and board members should want to see the community get better.

She thinks Shelling's actions were unacceptable and that sort of behavior gets in the way of progress especially with a board working to help the school system.
"I want to say I'm so sorry we are suppose to represent our community and we're suppose to represent the people who elected us, and the children that are coming to our school", Board Member Jennifer Haneline said.  Community-Members--Leaders-react-to-the-Monroe-City-School-Board-Meeting ..

What we need to understand is the suit, Jimmie Andrews et al was filed by black folk disenfranchised by segregation.  And so, in the midst of a federal hearing of the status of Monroe City School Systems, everyone goes off their rockers, like they don't know;  that the white-folks crying foul, cause they ain't invited "to the D.C. federal DoJ meeting".. . 

In the memorandum, Willson, Dayton and Haneline attest that board President Rodney McFarland and Vice President Brenda Shelling have frustrated their efforts to participate in implementing the consent decree by:
According to the memorandum, these statements "establish nonfeasance and bad faith on the part of the MCSB and, potentially, collusion between certain MCSB members and the United States with respect to the appointment of a court monitor. ...
"The United States was either complicit in the actions of the MSCB or, through nonfeasance of duty, ignorant of MSCB’s backroom tactics to select EPG as the Independent Court Monitor."
Discouraging them from attending a September hearing on consideration of unitary status. Failing in to adequately inform all board members of the ruling on unitary status.
Refusing to include all board members in the negotiation process for the consent decree adopted in December.
Refusing to include all board members in the process to select the independent court monitor required by the consent decree.
Soliciting the votes of board members Daryll Berry and Brandon Johnson to adopt the Educational Planning Group without prior discussion of the group with all members.  Monroe City Schools 

The illusion, that the very same set of folks who are the descendants of those, who perpetrated separate but equal; should be involved in conversations with DOJ is the epitome of white privilege. 

Neville Group sought to intervene. To none effect. It is noted here because, folks is forgetting the doggone avarice amongst these illegitimate usurpers. 

 At a midday school board meeting Wednesday, Doug Lawrence, the board's attorney, said that five
communications from the court had moved within the past 24 hours. Those were:

The Tuesday order by Hayes that permitted NAFA, Jones and Hanks to intervene;
an order from Hayes vacating that order filed Wednesday;
notification that Hayes will no longer be involved in the case and setting all motions before James;
a notice referring the motion for permission to intervene before James that was filed Wednesday;
and a corrected caption on the notice filed the same day.

"Judge James personally is taking over the entire case, which is inclusive of the petition to intervene in the lawsuit filed by an outside group, so the prior judge that issued the prior ruling is no longer involved in the case," Lawrence said.

Court documents state anyone who opposes the request of NAFA and the two parents to intervene should file a memorandum in opposition within 21 days. After that, they "may file a reply within 14 days after the memorandum in opposition is filed."

Additionally, court documents indicate James does not plan to set a hearing date on the matter.
One Judge Overseeing entire Case. 

Finally, the outcome of South Monroe Economic Development, is critical to Black advancement in Northeast Louisiana as a whole.

We do not have the leisure or the time, to linger and prolong "the real elephant that is in the room. 

We got to meet ourselves, and come to a conclusive outcome on the infighting amongst US. Whether it is on the streets or in the Council Chambers, Board Room, News Media or whatever. 

We need to meet, "by the River at midnight" if need be, for Us to discuss Us!!  

When the white-folks plot against black-advancement, where do they meet? Bayou DeSiard Country Club?

I Ain't Done Yet; but I got to go!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Retaliative Reactionary Society WORLDWIDE

President Barack Hussein Obama is being blamed for the execution of a Shia Cleric in Saudi Arabia, amid the insanity of a presidential campaign in which a megalomaniac is inciting global implosion on an altar of "pseudo-religious sacrifice" of "jihad john's" Islamic Faith.

America's fascination with a "megalomaniac" who doesn't really give a damn, about Islam; but does give a damn that Barack Hussein Obama was famously accused by the same Megalo, of being "unamerican or nonamerican" and himself [POTUS] a Muslim.

This is the same President, who was famously derided in his christian-belief under the tutelage of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and the Reverend's Liberation Theology. Which theology is a basic staple of "the true black church"! In affect, american "robbed the african president of america" of his religion.  

Historically, a twice done "damnable heresy" ! His african-father would have been born a Muslim, converted from christianity. This constant slight of his opponents with the Islamic adherence issue; is a "colonial-masters" racist attack, returned to the vestiges of the american slave market!  

A note of interest, United States of America, and its causcasian demigoguery: Black America will not forget, how your voices harangued incidiously against your own President.  And how your tea party, GOP, NeoCon republican movement has gotten us all the way to Oregon.  There is no turning around, now. Hell and chaos is on the american horizon. 

If Mr. Obama had  more-aggressively attempted to save the Iranian Cleric, the republicans would all has further said, the prexy was a true "muslim-lover". No different than the ostracisation of caucasians who were "termed" nigger-lovers. 

Finally, the "gun control" executive action is a necessity. 

However, it is my hope, that clear-focus, would be taken to In-Custody-Deaths. It is our position, that this is a human rights issue. The killing of Americans, in "incarceration-centers" or in-police-custody; is a violation of human decency.  

In Morehouse Parish Louisiana at the court-house, was the scene of a tragically killed inmate, while being transferred by a Fourth JDC, courthouse official police, the man committed suicide by-cop.

Inmate dies in Morehouse courthouse shooting  

Following a shooting at the Morehouse Parish Courthouse, one inmate is dead with no other injuries reported.
According to Sheriff Mike Tubbs, the MPSO responded to a shots fired call at the courthouse at approximately 2 p.m. on Tuesday. An inmate in the courthouse, whose name has been released as Keith Atkins, age 43, was confirmed dead via suicide following a scuffle outside of the courtroom. According to Tubbs, no personnel or civilians were injured when the incident occurred because of the location.
On February 16, 2015 Atkins was involved in a hostage situation involving his estranged wife. After Atkins was taken into custody — the hostage was freed after Atkins came in contact with the MPSO — he was booked on charges of second degree kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated assault on a police officer, possession of schedule II (meth) and possession of a firearm while in control of a controlled dangerous substance.
According to Tubbs, as MPSO personnel was involved in the incident, the LSP was called into investigate. Tubbs said LSP detectives were at the courthouse Tuesday afternoon and will be releasing additional information as it becomes available.
The courthouse was closed for the remainder of Tuesday but is expected to reopen Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ruling Could Bolster Lawsuits Against Police

Justices revived excessive-force case against a cop.
, The National Law Journal

A little-noticed U.S. Supreme Court ruling from May could give an unexpected boost to alleged victims of excessive force by police in their efforts to hold law enforcement officers accountable.
In the aftermath of recent police shootings, including the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., lawyers have generally viewed high court precedents as obstacles that only benefit police.
But Tolan v. Cotton, a brief unsigned opinion issued on May 5, could point the other way, making it easier for alleged victims to fend off summary dismissal of their civil rights lawsuits against police.
Tolan admonished lower court judges that when police in such cases seek to dismiss lawsuits against them, disputed facts and inferences must be viewed in a light most favorable to the citizen making the claim.
"Courts may not resolve genuine disputes of fact in favor of the party seeking summary judgment," the high court ruled, adding that "a judge's function at summary judgment is not to weigh the evidence and determine the truth of the matter, but to determine whether there is a genuine issue for trial."
Since the facts of episodes like those involving Brown and Eric Garner are often in dispute — even when there is video evidence — the Tolan decision could give individuals claiming civil rights violations (under 42 U.S.C. 1983) a better chance of getting past summary dismissal motions. Tolan has already been invoked in more than 500 federal cases since May.
Two weeks after Tolan was issued, the Supreme Court itself cited the ruling in remanding Thomas v. Nugent, a suit brought by the family of a Louisiana man who died after a police officer repeatedly used a Taser on him.

Two weeks after Tolan was issued, the Supreme Court itself cited the ruling in remanding Thomas v. Nugent, a suit brought by the family of a Louisiana man who died after a police officer repeatedly used a Taser on him.
"Tolan resonates today in many ways. We were thrilled when the court ruled as it did," said Christina Swarns (left), litigation director of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which filed a brief in the case. "It was a reminder to courts that they can't supplant the role of the jury, and they can't put a thumb on the scale in favor of the state."
The decision stemmed from a ­widely publicized suit brought by Robbie Tolan (left), the son of Major League Baseball ­player Bobby Tolan. On New Year's Eve in 2008, Bellaire, Texas, police officer Jeffrey Cotton shot the younger Tolan in his parents' driveway. Police were responding to a mistaken report of a stolen car. After Cotton pushed Tolan's mother up against the garage door, Robbie Tolan told him to leave his mother alone. Apparently without warning, Cotton shot Tolan three times, leaving him alive but with permanent injuries.
Lower courts dismissed Tolan's Section 1983 suit, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruling that Cotton deserved "qualified immunity" because his actions did not violate a "clearly established right."
But the Supreme Court said that in ruling that way, the Fifth Circuit improperly viewed the facts as favoring Cotton, the officer. "The court should have acknowledged and credited Tolan's evidence," the high court said, even though it recognized that "the witnesses on both sides come to this case with their own perceptions, recollections, and even potential biases."
Because of the Supreme Court's decision, a new trial in Tolan's case has been set for September. Florida civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump asked the trial court in Houston in September to be recognized as Tolan's new lawyer. Crump also represents Michael Brown's family in Missouri, as well as the family of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old by shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer last month.
Cotton's lawyers opposed Crump's motion, claiming he would ignore agreements made during prior proceedings in the case. The trial court accepted Crump's representation. Crump did not respond to a request for comment.
Police who are accused of civil rights violations almost always seek summary dismissal of the claim, said Martin Siegel of the Law Offices of Martin J. Siegel in Houston, who brought the Tolan case to the Supreme Court. "But Tolanreminds lower courts that the summary-judgment rules don't change just because a citizen sues an officer for excessive force."
The 11-page decision marked the first time in 10 years the court had ruled against police claiming qualified immunity from suit in a Section 1983 case.
Justice Samuel Alito Jr., joined by Justice Antonin Scalia, wrote a concurrence criticizing the court for engaging in mere "error correction." But Alito said, "I agree that there are genuine issues of material fact and that this is a case in which summary judgment should not have been granted."
"The decision surprised us," said Eric Del Pozo, a lawyer at Jenner & Block who worked on the Legal Defense Fund's brief. "The court has protected the free speech and religious rights of corporations and requires a warrant before police can scan the call log of an arrestee's cellphone or attach a GPS device to someone's car," Del Pozo said. "Yet, for whatever reason, the court has been less solicitous of claims to civil rights infractions in money damages suits. InTolan, at least, the pendulum swung back a bit in the opposite ­direction."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Global Blockade::The Problem with Ferguson

The Problem with Ferguson :Whites will NEVER understand cause they really, really don't care; and "they don't really care about us"! Michael had it right, when he said that in a song!! If, the powers that be really cared, Trayvon's killer would be behind bars. I'll just stay right there, and not go to any of the five simultaneous cases occurring during "Ferguson"; not including the CHP beating of a sister on the highway. 
And if the world or any parts of the global society thinks for one minute that "this" at this point going to just fade into the sunset.
Everyone is wanting for this to just go away and be over with; the citizens of St. Louis, Ferguson, St. Louis County, the state of Missouri and most likely national leaders on every level.  However, this is the one that get's every one straightened on their extra-curricullar racial attitudes.  America, just better get itself prepared for what's to come. The local justice apparatus is not about to indict the police officer who killed Brother Michael.  
And when that doesn't happen, all hell will break loose. 

From the "Beer Summit" we collectively dropped. the ball.  This issue is a must to be addressed. And, Ferguson, Missouri "must be" the place where this issue is finally clarified and put in its place.  This "must be" is not as if there's a likelihood that its not going to happen. The thing will occur. There,"must be" rectification of the situation created over time, culminating in the death of Michael Brown; which evolved into an "insurrection" and which insurrection is still in process, in Missouri, in the center of the country. 

This Mason-Dixon Line Southern State, with its dixiecratic ways, needs 250,000 citizens to descend upon, St. Louis' Ferguson to get this point of "non-compliance to the racist mores and attitudes" engrained in the stateside processes.  Missouri's reticent ways date back to the Dred Scott processes of immorality of human "ownership". 
And here we now reside, in a 16th century mentality forced upon the mindsets of a 21st century people, who are determined to rebel against the debauchery of the malaise.  To live in such past is pure insanity.  That is why, it then becomes okay to fire stun grenades and tear gas on what is considered non-humans or three/fifths people.

While Russian Jets are turned around, by Canadian and U.S. Jets at the Alaskan demarcation; Citizens of this nation demise planning to strongly enmasse in Ferguson. As an individual vaults the White House fence, and is stopped by government agents, only as he enters the door. Even while the White House is evacuated.

Doom & Damnation awaits, if the Matter of one Michael Brown, Jr., is not handled properly.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

International Implications:Malcolm and Mexico City

Malcolm Shabazz, his death in Mexico City and the international implications of the same are issues that must be addressed in a larger forum than just the United States government, obviously.   

A formal announcement by any agency of the government of the USA, has not come forth. The ancillary entities have not come forth with any demands in lieu of the government's inaction. It should be obvious why this has occurred.  There has already been a funeral service in Oakland, California.  That service was held at an Islamic/Muslim Center.  

It has been stated,  El Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz, will be interred in New York state, along side his grandparents. Born Malcolm Lateef Shabazz, Young Malcolm's death on foreign soil is "an affront; for all Blacks, Negroes, African-Americans, sharecroppers decendants and the progeny of formerly enslaved Africans worldwide.
Now. It is evident a problem exist in the current, retaliative society, globally. Specifically though, in America and the now "high profile", targeted killing of an American Citizen in Mexico City; a heightened alarm should be sounded.  

In the state of Florida, USA, Trayvon Martin; targeted by a "neighborhood watch" patroller, is killed.   It is without doubt, that Young Malcolm was targeted.  

Mr. Doudou Diene, a Sengalese lawyer and United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteur on racism toured eight American cities in 2008.  A cross-border special rapporteur must be dispatched in reference to the killing of  El Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz in Mexico City.  This incident began at the San Diego-Tijuana border.
It is such that, if any type of relief is to be obtained from this ongoing tragedy, it will be from international-economic pressure.
And since, the United Nations is in New York City, this is the place citizens of the world, America and the Americas should seek for appropriate pressure to be applied to both countries. Current ongoing immigration negotiations in the U.S. Congress and the restylised Benghazi uproar are both hindrances to any willing effort for a U.S. investigation, on its own. However, as life goes on a heartfelt initiative can re-ignite lost fervor which has been building for some time now. We must get a hold of ourselves. In 1961, sit-ins were staged at the U.N., guards were called and a melee ensued, sparking day long protests across Manhattan. A movement within a movement was spawned from that "days spark".

Enemy combatants are being declared of exiles from over 30 years ago. Courts are, ordering federal government sentenced tax-evaders to undergo counseling, as if to "change her mind" or "readjust her free artistic thinking". 
And now, after seeing this image. Our Sisters. His daughters. Vandalized. Robbed. Again.
Some are quickly demanding an outcry from the public at large. However, the Most High, the Almighty God knows mourning is done in solace. It has been recounted, that a memorial service will occur in New York City next week. An interment, and there still must be time. For the Shabazz Family.

My heart is heavy this night as the sun has gone down here. In the name, of all that is called Holy. Peace and Deliverance.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Assassins Bullet

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, right, followed by security agents, enters his home in Arlington, Va., Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, after testifying on Capitol Hill before closed-door sessions of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees regarding the Sept. 11, 2012 attack of the US embassy in Libya. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

A vehicle in a motorcade carrying former CIA Director David Petraeus leaves Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 16, 2012, after Petraeus testified before closed-door sessions of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
An assassins bullet must be lurking somewhere in the unseen, for the former director to be questioned in such secure fashion as was utilized in the congressional committee hearings on yesterday.  It is quite strange how all of a seeming sudden, the security of the nation is become so invaded.  Don't get it wrong, it should be absolutely understood how Benghazi occurred. Absolutely, it was such an exclaiming event when that country was no longer under "the tyrants" heel, maybe.  It should now also, be better understood, why involvement in Syria, has been more closely scrutinized.

Who did mastermind  Benghazi? Was it retribution? After all the ambassador was a participant with the "agents of change", who now run Lybia.  It is stranger still, american agents had trouble acquiring support vehicles, once on the ground.

WASHINGTON  Lawmakers have seen a video made drone surveillance and security camera video that showed them in real time the attack in Libya that killed four Americans, including the ambassador.

Monday, October 17, 2011


The folks attempting to Occupy Wall Street are Anarchist, and they are operatives of the Tea Party. The goal is to overthrow the United States Government, that is why the CIA is in NYPD!!! The "groups" who are against the black-man in the white house are hellbent on destroying him at any cost. In the tpartiest, republican, gop-ish mentality a black-man cannot and will not go down in history as the person who fixed THE WHITE MAN'S problem.

Remember, the collapse of 2008. RED LINE-ING.!! Remember the NAACP filed suit against all those MORTGAGE COMPANIES. And you WONDER WHY, the AtlantaOccupiers didn't receive John Lewis; they ain't study-ing about Dr. King. They just want the method. Oh yeah, they've educated themselves on the mechanisms of protest. But they don't give a tinkers about what King stood for. These are overthrowers. There are LEADERS alright, of the occupiers. They intend to spin this country out of control, and John Boehner and Jim Cornyn and Rick Perry will listen intently as the fiasco occurs.

You need to repent and back away from your rhetoric, you BROTHERS who is giving up Brother President the same way, Malcolm was talked in to a martyred destiny. America need to "Get Re-Jena'd" - This time [6] six-million blacks need to descend on the GOP Convention, and lock that city down. THAT'S RIGHT 6 ~SIX~MILLION Negroes, African Americans, Blacks, Molattoes and Creoles and every thing else we been. Forget about, descend on the Democratic Convention, they'll get the picture. It is the conservative, neo-con operatives, who have spinned this country into chaos. The culmination of this chaos and anarchy is what Charlie Manson's goal was.

Citing a presidential order authorizing the CIA to assist local law enforcement, Kelly said: “Operating under this legal basis, the CIA has advised the police department on key aspects of intelligence gathering and analysis that have greatly benefited our counterterrorism mission and protected lives in New York City.”

CIA Director David Petraeus has described him as an adviser, someone who could ensure that information was being shared.
Protects Lives!!!
From Whom?? - A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WITH A CAMP ON Niggerhead. The CIA has a file on all theses guys. They been knew Perry was gonna run. And they knew his, VP would be a little known Presidential candidate from Louisiana named Roemer. Now the Occupiers are gone global. Yet, in America, the tpartiers OAKTHKEEPERS are prepared for any "contingency", collateral damage and all.

There is no doubt, this is what the anarchist on Wall Street, wish to happen in America. Remember, King in Alabama wanted a dramatization of the absolute tyranny of Bull Conner. The Anarchist have studied the methods and are deploying for a violent confrontation in America.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

And So::Conversation--ON POINT

When operatives of the conservative/republican ideology, entered Mary Landrieu's office, attempting to cast a specific view of her office's work on a particular issue; the Eastern District of Louisiana's US Attorney's office allowed the operatives to plea to lesser-than charges. One of the operatives was the son of then acting-US Attorney for the Western District.

And so, when the master-operative, tweeked a video, deployed it on a blog; got busted and caused apologies ad infinitum-- has to my knowledge, as of yet not been held accountable. Andrew Breitbart, vehemently defended the actions of the NOLA trio. Today, as the President spoke to the Centennial convention of the National Urban League; the incident of late was mentioned. The Speech in Washington, DC was full of signals for all to grasp.

It is indeed a sad commentary in our society, that the various issues continue to evolve in to the race issue; which no one wants to address, fully.

Watch live streaming video from theuptake at livestream.com

Is it because we do not want to exist without demeaning another, and so we leave the race issue intact, so we can always revert back to it?

Strange twist in race and Politics, as Suit to be filed in Breitbart Defamation and further Federal Internet intervention is on the horizon as a result of recent occurences. It should be further noted, when we stop to look at the "oil clean-up" in the Louisiana Gulf, residents are complaining of the "outsiders", who the NAACP Legal Defense Fund have cited a state collaboration with the petroleum giant, utilizing inmate labor. Prison Industrial Complex? Yes!

But, what we 'gon do about it? And Black on black crime? And violence precipitated by the police!
On the southside of Monroe, Louisiana, where Richwood Police Patrol & the sheriff department patrols. A 20 year old was arrested for burglary. 'The story goes, that this youngsters, name was posted on the S.O.'s website. The affidavit was said to have listed the youngster as telling on all of his accomplices. [of course the affidavit is no longer there] And so, all of this boys accomplices, and gangers have been randomly threatening the young'en and his extended family. This boy's jaw was broken --from the eye socket to the jaw bone-- he is scheduled to be at the doctor's office in a day or so. On this early A.M., an incident occurred at the boy's mothers home.'

They were sent back & forth from the S.O. to the Richwood PD. This is a case of you won't help us, we'll help our selves.

Finally, out of exasperation, they called some one, who knew some one! Hopefully, this doesn't escalate into a full scale gang war. Or, is this the intent, of the powers-at-be!!?
And So!!! This is really the first time, anyone has come with something to this magnitude in this, the 21st century. Maybe, since Jena. Or, possibly up to Oscar Grant and Baron Pikes. And So. The stage is set for the beginning of the millenium breakdown. Will the Millenials stand for this un-americanism. They believe the Constitution.

July 29, 2010 Arpaio's Arizona Protesters Arrested