Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Intersection of Consequence and Mishap:"Til Hell Freeze Over"

Just recently, a mishap led to dire consequences. 

Over Fifty (50) years of endeavor, nearly lost, affecting thousands.

I can only imagine, the depths of the agonizing disbelief of the efforts ancestors of our deliverance from captivity in Ouachita Parish, West Monroe, Louisiana and the twin city Monroe, must be reeling from in their resting places. 

 Things really began to melt, with the debacling circumstances of the South Monroe economic development apparatus devolving in to chaos; at the same time a Bail-bonding business was the scene of a double murder.

How, could it thusly be so rude of an awakening to the public, under the gaze of  "hard-fought desegregation" memorial pillar of the Wildcats Stadium. 

Economic Development, Murder and School Desegregation.
 The most recently debacle of the Ouachita Multipurpose Community Action Program and the thread like hanging on of its continuing through September 30th, of a hallmark "head start" program. 2016 is an unforgettable year. 

  OMCAP Head Start program to end 
A watershed, Landmark program.  Coupled with the recent up-stir at the Monroe City School Board; this latest incident should be proof, that we need to fight for "hard-fought" gains.  When, School Board Officer Brenda Shelling, stood & disrupted the Board meeting, calling a white-male board member out, as an instigator, subjugater and "inside facilitator" for the destruction of the predominantly black, City School System.

The good doing white-folks' negroes, said Shelling needed to stop being a disrupter.  From OMCAPS Head Start, to Neville High School's repair, the bastion for the "white seperatist, under the guise of  desiring to participate in the federal court's mandates the white board members thoroughly disguised themselves, as seekers of justice.  

And the gullible, "can we all just get along crowd"  crowed in this garden of  gethsemane, against the Truth. OMCAP's demise is the proof. 
I would imagine the members of the court-ordered bi-racial committee of the early 70's, by federal injunction; are saying, "i'll fight you till hell freeze over" as A.G. Facen said, back then.  But, this tired generational residue from back then, don't believe in " agitate, agitate"  no more. 
I can remember, my father's comments about the Rev. P. Rayfield Brown and the constant efforts in the formation of the "CAP" program. It dealt with Poverty and the affects of it; in education, health and housing. Folks had issues.  Integration and desegregation were the watch words. Everyone in position were required to maintain the cause in their position(s).

In a lot of ways the ball has been dropped.  And, when someone grabs the ball; those in position now, act like they don't know what is going on. 

The Federal Courts in 2016 still dealing with desegregation?

I recall not to many months ago, the superintendent, pushing "the Neville pull-out plan with BESE.
  But, we want to act as if we are not aware, that the same folk are trying to desolve the Monroe City School System.

 Shelling turned and shouted at board member Bill Willson, saying he was smirking.
"That's what you've done, you racist pig," she yelled at him, pointing to emphasize her words. 

 In a June 2015, "extemporaneous" ; community meeting concerning Neville High School repairs, "Board member Bill Wilson asked the crowd if they would like to see Neville become a charter school and no one raised their hand. When asked if they believe Neville should stay with the School Board, almost every person in the crowd raised their hands". North Monroe Skullduggery !! 

"When we are trying to recruit a company, or recruit people to the community what they will do is look at the surrounding cities and villages and go there. This is really detrimental to our ability to recruit people", President & CEO Monroe Chamber of Commerce Sue Nicholson said.
Board member Jennifer Hanline said after the meeting; that it isn't a time to pick sides and board members should want to see the community get better.

She thinks Shelling's actions were unacceptable and that sort of behavior gets in the way of progress especially with a board working to help the school system.
"I want to say I'm so sorry we are suppose to represent our community and we're suppose to represent the people who elected us, and the children that are coming to our school", Board Member Jennifer Haneline said.  Community-Members--Leaders-react-to-the-Monroe-City-School-Board-Meeting ..

What we need to understand is the suit, Jimmie Andrews et al was filed by black folk disenfranchised by segregation.  And so, in the midst of a federal hearing of the status of Monroe City School Systems, everyone goes off their rockers, like they don't know;  that the white-folks crying foul, cause they ain't invited "to the D.C. federal DoJ meeting".. . 

In the memorandum, Willson, Dayton and Haneline attest that board President Rodney McFarland and Vice President Brenda Shelling have frustrated their efforts to participate in implementing the consent decree by:
According to the memorandum, these statements "establish nonfeasance and bad faith on the part of the MCSB and, potentially, collusion between certain MCSB members and the United States with respect to the appointment of a court monitor. ...
"The United States was either complicit in the actions of the MSCB or, through nonfeasance of duty, ignorant of MSCB’s backroom tactics to select EPG as the Independent Court Monitor."
Discouraging them from attending a September hearing on consideration of unitary status. Failing in to adequately inform all board members of the ruling on unitary status.
Refusing to include all board members in the negotiation process for the consent decree adopted in December.
Refusing to include all board members in the process to select the independent court monitor required by the consent decree.
Soliciting the votes of board members Daryll Berry and Brandon Johnson to adopt the Educational Planning Group without prior discussion of the group with all members.  Monroe City Schools 

The illusion, that the very same set of folks who are the descendants of those, who perpetrated separate but equal; should be involved in conversations with DOJ is the epitome of white privilege. 

Neville Group sought to intervene. To none effect. It is noted here because, folks is forgetting the doggone avarice amongst these illegitimate usurpers. 

 At a midday school board meeting Wednesday, Doug Lawrence, the board's attorney, said that five
communications from the court had moved within the past 24 hours. Those were:

The Tuesday order by Hayes that permitted NAFA, Jones and Hanks to intervene;
an order from Hayes vacating that order filed Wednesday;
notification that Hayes will no longer be involved in the case and setting all motions before James;
a notice referring the motion for permission to intervene before James that was filed Wednesday;
and a corrected caption on the notice filed the same day.

"Judge James personally is taking over the entire case, which is inclusive of the petition to intervene in the lawsuit filed by an outside group, so the prior judge that issued the prior ruling is no longer involved in the case," Lawrence said.

Court documents state anyone who opposes the request of NAFA and the two parents to intervene should file a memorandum in opposition within 21 days. After that, they "may file a reply within 14 days after the memorandum in opposition is filed."

Additionally, court documents indicate James does not plan to set a hearing date on the matter.
One Judge Overseeing entire Case. 

Finally, the outcome of South Monroe Economic Development, is critical to Black advancement in Northeast Louisiana as a whole.

We do not have the leisure or the time, to linger and prolong "the real elephant that is in the room. 

We got to meet ourselves, and come to a conclusive outcome on the infighting amongst US. Whether it is on the streets or in the Council Chambers, Board Room, News Media or whatever. 

We need to meet, "by the River at midnight" if need be, for Us to discuss Us!!  

When the white-folks plot against black-advancement, where do they meet? Bayou DeSiard Country Club?

I Ain't Done Yet; but I got to go!!

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